Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Elder Carruth Writes Home - Letter 1 May 2015

Well week one is officially over! I finally get to sit down and write some emails to everyone. This week has been pretty crazy. The MTC is an amazing place and the spirit here is incredibly strong and consistent. The first day I was here was pretty overwhelming. They do a wonderful job at making sure that you know where you are going and that you have everything you need. They also make sure that you have absolutely ZERO free time haha its so exhausting bouncing from one thing to the next but I am grateful for it. I have learned so much already and started teaching people the 3rd day I was here. My companion is named Elder Clapier. He is from Caldwell, ID and is a pretty good guy. Definitely never runs out of things to talk about haha it took me until about day 3 to get used to being here. Now I feel like I own the place. Anytime I started getting nervous or scared or homesick, the spirit was always there to bring me peace and comfort. I am not going to lie the days at the MTC are the longest days of your life. I feel like I've been here for a month and its only been 5 days. I will be headed to New Mexico next Monday so if you want to write me or send me something please wait till I get there and get an address. The first time I got mail was Friday and I had 15 Dear Elder letters. To those that sent them thank you so much, the love and support I feel truly is a comfort to me and helps keep me going. Please Please PLEASE keep sending them while I am here at the MTC. They really pick me up when I'm down and need to feel hugged. Send them often :) I will be here till 4 AM next Monday. Yesterday we were all walking to the cafeteria and there were some sisters following us. I trotted up the stairs to hold the next door for them, but was surprised when one of the sisters raced me to the top. I might not look like I'm in top physical condition, but I can climb some stairs. I managed to just beat her and proceeded to make her walk through my door when since I won hahaha good times here at the MTC. That pretty much sums it up! hope everyone has a great week! 

Spiritual Moment of the Week:

When my companion and I were teaching a member lesson, the sister we were teaching asked us a deep question. In my attempt to answer it i stumbled and didn't really get my point across. My companion tried to answer and when he was talking the spirit hit me really hard and I knew exactly what to say. As soon as he was done I spoke the words of the spirit and the sister was happy with the answer and we were able to move on. This really helped strengthen my testimony about following the promptings of the spirit.

Quotes of the Week:

"You don't love your children as much as your Father in Heaven loves you."
"Everything in the conversion process has to happen for you before it can happen for someone else."
"God answers prayers in 3 ways: Yes, no and I have something better."
"We aren't here to create another mormon, we are here to strengthen relationships with Christ."
"The Book of Mormon is a book of answers."

Love you all,

Elder Carruth

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