Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 63

Another week has come and gone in the mission of Elder Carruth. Some good things happened. Some bad things happened. And that pretty much sums it up!! Have a great week! Just kidding. I have like a ton of time so I am going to tell you stuff. Sooooo.... Well the big news is that my companion is getting transferred! That makes me sad. We only had 6 weeks together and I feel like we had more to accomplish. But the Lord knows what He is doing. He is going to Rio Rancho!! My old area!! We literally just traded places it is pretty cool. I am telling him all the people to say hi to. For all of the people who read my emails from Rio Rancho look for Elder Larkin!! He is coming!! We were able to put someone on baptismal date this week. Daniel accepted a date of September 3rd. We are pretty excited! It was a good lesson and he has already read the first book in the Book of Mormon. Pretty cool. Hopefully he continues on the path he is on! It leads to life eternal and happiness! We were able to go on exchanges this week. I stayed in my area to see if I could take it over after 6 weeks. It went pretty well actually and I think I will be able to handle the area. I am slightly stressed but I know that the Lord has a plan for me and for this area. Me and my new companion, Elder Campbell, will do great things and will see success! I know it will be good. We found a new family to teach this week! Their names are Jennifer and Domonic. They have a 2 year old son and one more soon to be here. They were both raised Catholic and have good Christian values. We talked to them about the Book of Mormon and they said they would read it. I don't know how interested they are in converting but I know that the Book of Mormon is true and will lead all people to baptism if we read it with an open heart. They have a great family and one that would be greatly blessed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. So I am going to end on a really cool story to me. So we went and visited this member who works at a couple different hospitals. He started talking about his friend. She is going through a lot and he found out that she started taking the missionary lessons. She lives up in Rio Rancho. Her name is MaryJo. When I heard that I got really excited. She is the first investigator I ever found in Rio Rancho and taught her till she moved out of the ward. She is an amazing mom and has 3 wonderful kids. I think about her often and wonder how she it. It was an amazing miracle to me to hear about her from a member of my ward here. I truly am grateful. The world is so small. I love you all!!! Thank you!!!
Elder Carruth

Week 62

Ok so first warning this email will be pretty short. So the 69 of you that didn't send me a smiley face from last week wont have much to read this week. Today has been crazy and stressful. We went and hiked the volcano this morning. That is where the pictures come from. This week was pretty good! Every week as a missionary is really good. We got a new investigator! Her name is Rene. She is pretty cool and loves meeting with us. She has never been baptized in any church but is open to the idea of being baptized here. We just need to get her to read and to come to church. We are struggling a little with finding people to progress now. We have a few people to teach but no one that is really moving toward baptism. It is ok though because I know that the Lord is preparing people and that we will be blessed by our diligence. Just gotta keep up the good fight!! That is what we do!! Next week is transfers. Pday is on Monday again next week for some reason. I probably wont get transferred but I won't know till Saturday. These last 5 weeks have gone crazy fast! Time just doesn't want to slow down. Being a missionary is the best thing that could ever happen to anyone. Best decision I have made ever. The Lord is everywhere in this great work. I fear the day I am asked to take off my name tag and return to the society I left behind. Good thing it is a year away!! Love you all!!
Elder Carruth

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Week 61

Soooooooo its has been another week. Crazy to think. I say that every week I feel like. Wanna know why? Cause it is crazy... Like wow.... Anyway this week was good! Slightly slower than last week but still wonderful! Any week as a missionary is wonderful. The gospel is great. God is perfect. The Savior loves us. I could probably just end right there but let me tell you about my week. If you have made it this far into my email I am impressed. Send me a smiley face and I will be double impressed. Wanna see who actually reads these things... Anyway we are still doing awesome. Elder Larkin is like dead set on getting transferred in two weeks. I think he is going too. But the Lord likes to play jokes sometimes so you never know!! We will know sometime I guess. Transfers are on the 26th this month. Tuesday. Which means Monday Pday that week. Not a huge fan. We taught a few people this week but unfortunately none of them are really progressing very well. We are on the hunt for new people that we can teach and testify to. So pray for us. Our companionship is doing really well! We get along really well and work hard together. It has been a lot of fun over the last month. Crazy to think I have been here for a month already. So one thing that did happen this week is we had MLC. All of the leaders in the mission get together and council on what the mission needs. A 7 hour meeting in the end but full of spiritual insight and revelation from President. We then get to train the missionaries in our zone the next day for a couple hours. We had a great meeting with the zone. The spirit was there and was inspiring. Nothing else that was super exciting happened last week but we are still going forward! The work of the Lord never stops!! I love it!!
Elder Carruth

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Week 60

What a long and busy week! So much happened! So much to talk about! So little time... We will try to fit it all in! So last week we finally got to meet our new mission President. President and Sister Guffey are awesome people. I received my own witness that President Guffey is called of God to be here and to lead this mission. I know it without a doubt. I am excited to move forward with him and to do the work of the Lord. Right after that we went on exchanges! I got to head out to Laguna/To'hajiilee reservations. Got to spend the day out in the middle of no where! It was awesome! I loved it even though it was a super long and exhausting day. We found a scorpion while we were out and about and we caught it. Good times. Waking up on July 1st was a weird feeling. The year is already half over but it does not feel like that at all. Crazy to me to think about it. But still good! The work continues! So last Friday we got to go to Pete and Mandy's wedding! It was so amazing. We were there for a long time but the spirit was so strong. The place they had it at was so GREEN! I miss green. It was like a little corner of Washington! It even rained a little for me! Beautiful. What a wonderful day for them and for all of us that got to be a part of it. One of the pictures us a selfie of us and Pete literally 2 minutes before the wedding started. The following day we got to participate in Pete's baptism. We had a huge support show up from the ward and from Mandy's family who are mostly active members. I love her family. They made me feel right at home and I truly enjoyed it. The spirit was powerful and Pete bore his testimony of how his life led him to where he is today. He inspires me. So before I forget there was a crazy cool miracle at the baptism. We thought that Mandy's dad would bring baptismal clothing for himself since he has been a temple worker before. We assumed wrongly. We didn't have anything for him to wear. We tried to get into the closet with the clothes before he came just to see and we didn't have a key for it. We decided to go back and try the closet again and it opened! There were 2 suits in there and one of them fit him perfectly! And if that isn't enough we went back after the baptism to try again and NONE OF OUR KEYS WORKED! We couldn't get back into the closet! The hand of God opened the closet for us. No other way. True miracle. It was a great week! Besides all of that happening Elder Larkin and I saw a ton of success! We found 6 new investigators! The ones that I am most excited about are Victoria and Erica. We knocked into Victoria, a 16 year old girl, and she told us to come back. When we did she brought her 15 year old sister Erica along. Victoria didn't seem too interested but Erica is. She wants to learn more and if this is the truth. It was such a cool miracle! The reason I am really excited about them is because my whole mission I have taught and baptized 16 year old girls. Kendall in Belen and Angie in Rio Rancho. I call it the Carruth Curse but it isn't a curse. It is a blessing. There are only two reasons why I can think of that the Lord continues to have me teach 16 year old girls:
1) My maturity is that of a 16 year old girl and I connect well with them.
2) My wonderful mother converted at the age of 16 and now I have the opportunity to pay it forward.
I lean towards the latter, but am undecided. I am grateful for the opportunity to teach God's children about our Savior Jesus Christ. What a glorious gift and privilege that is to me. I love the Lord. And I love His children.
Love you all!!
Elder Carruth

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Week 59

Hello from the desert! It is a solid 99 degrees right now and has broke triple digits a ton over the last week or so. It is crazy hot but at the same time I am pretty used to it. I can feel the difference between 99 and 103. About the time it becomes normal I will head home and have to start the adjustment over again. So the biggest change that happened this week was we got a new mission president. His name is President Guffey. He is from Ohio. We get to meet him tomorrow so that will be super cool! I am excited to meet him and work with him. I will also miss President and Sister Miller a ton. They have done so much for me. I have felt so much love from them and they are beyond inspired. They will be missed but I am sure that I will love President Guffey the same and be just as sad to leave when my turn comes around. Lots of changes are sure to be coming these next few weeks. So we have a baptism this week! Pete is going to get married on Friday, we get to go, and then baptized the following day!! We are super excited! I wish I could have been here for the actual teaching of Pete and not just his baptism. But I am excited for this weekend. It will be an amazing couple of days for them and their families. He is the only person who is really progressing right now. We found a new investigator this week though! It was a cool miracle. We took Bishop's son out with us since he is leaving for his mission in August. We tried by this person who told us to come back and he let us inside! His name is Robert. He loves Jesus Christ and has a ton of faith. He knows a lot about the bible as well. It is really cool. We are excited to continue to teach him. We also taught Rosalie yesterday. She is a Jewish lady that I don't know if I have talked about yet. We committed her to read and pray about the Book of Mormon everyday for a week. We will see how it goes! I had a couple really awesome spiritual experiences this week. One of them was when I gave my talk on Sunday. I was asked just to speak for 5 minutes and introduce myself and talk on service. Normally I would write down a couple bullet points and scriptures to share. But my companion has been reading a book that says we should study the topic and scriptures and pray with all our heart to be guided by the spirit, but not to write down you talk. So I tried it out. It was scary walking up in front of a new ward with only my scriptures and no notes. But it went fairly well. The spirit prompted me to use a couple scriptures and I did and I don't really remember what I said. Must not have been from me. The other experience was giving a blessing to a sister. We were prompted to ask her is she needed on and she declined. The next day however she called and accepted the offer. When we got there she asked if I would do it and I felt the peace and approval of the Savior. I said things that I don't really remember but they were a lot different than a normal blessing. So I know that the Lord was there. It was great. Overall the week went really well. Elder Larkin is a wonderful companion and we get along great. We council together and work together well. I have learned a lot from him already and it has only been 2 weeks. Hopefully we will be able to find more people to teach!
On a side note I was able to finish the Book or Mormon for the 4th time as well as the Doctrine and Covenants this week. I knelt in prayer and asked if they were true, as I do every time, and I received another spiritual witness that these things are true. The Book of Mormon is truly the word of God and is here to help us learn more about our Savior. I love it. I love the gospel. I love my Savior. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Love you all!!
Elder Carruth