Missionaries are not able to make regular phone calls, text, or use the internet daily. Once a week they are able to send emails home and read, as well as respond to, emails by friends and family. 


Missionaries love getting mail! It helps them feel loved and supported and can provide them with comfort during difficult times.

Guidelines for Packages, Letters, and Email

Missionaries cannot browse the internet, if there is a article that is uplifting and something that you would like to share you will not be able to send a link. Either summarize and share quotes from it, or copy and paste it onto a document so it can be read on email.

When writing tell them about your life and what your doing, new things, keep them up to date! You can ask as many questions as you like, but because time is limited a missionary might not be able to give you long answers right away. The main bulk of events will be shared in the main email sent out, and then personal responses to individual emails.

When sending a package do not place any music or movies unless you know what has been approved by the Mission President. Send things that show thoughtfulness and are inexpensive. Missionaries are always with a companion, so when sending any treats it is always nice to add a few extra that can be shared :)

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