Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Week 38

Hello!! So much has happened over the last week! Like seriously a lot. So let me get all of the transfer news out of the way first. First of all they released all of the leadership here in the Rio Rancho Zone. Both District Leaders and Both Zone Leaders. I wasn't really released because I was called to be a Zone Leader! I am so grateful for this opportunity and overwhelmed by the trust that President and the Lord have in me. It is going to be a new and exciting challenge for sure. The Zone Leader area moved to Panorama Heights so I stayed here and got my new companion Elder Summers. He is from Utah and we get along pretty good so far. I am excited because he is a Zone Leader too which means he is a great missionary. We are going to do awesome things here and we are both pretty pumped. The two district leaders in the Zone now are both former Zone Leaders. So all the leadership in this Zone is awesome. Well most of the leadership anyway. I haven't done anything yet haha. But it was really crazy everything that happened and went down and we are all really pumped up and excited to kill it this transfer!! MIRACLES WILL HAPPEN! Anyway last week was pretty slow and long. The last week of a transfer usually is slow when missionaries expect to get transferred. We had a cool experience last week. On Tuesday we were asked to come and show the young men how to teach a lesson. When we asked for volunteers a young man raised his hand and told us that he was not a member and would love to help. It was really cool because we got to teach a real lesson to a real investigator and the spirit was real strong. It was awesome. We had a couple lessons with David this week. They are set on getting married on the 12th and he is getting baptized on the 19th!! David is doing awesome and we are really excited for him. I am excited to have a baptism. It has been over 6 months and they really help motivate and encourage me to keep working hard. So last Thursday is when I got the Zone Leader call. Here is the conversation:

President: Elder Carruth I would like to call you to be a Zone Leader.
Me: That depends, can I stay here in Panorama Heights?
President: Maybe.
Me: So Panorama is going to be the Zone Leader area? 
President: Quite possibly.
Me: I accept.

I really did not expect that he would leave me here and move the ZL area but I was so excited when he did. I love this area and am excited to get to work with my new companion. That was pretty much all that happened this week. The Zone is amazing and I am super excited to serve with these missionaries. Please pray for me!! Love you all!!!

Quotes of the Week:
"Becoming like the Savior requires change."
"Personal revelation blesses those around us just as much as us."

Spiritual Experience of the Week:
So the sisters called us last week and were really tired and exhausted from riding bikes. They were out of miles. They were pretty much on the verge of tears. After we hung up I got the prompting to send them a text. The words I sent were directly from heaven and they told me that they felt the warming love of the Savior when they read it. I was so happy that the spirit prompted me to bless the sisters lives, and that I was able to follow that prompting.

Miracle of the Week:
Too many to count!!

Spiritual Thought of the Week:
While reading in Mosiah 29, I realized that the gospel of Jesus Christ is perfect. However, the people in the church are not. If we are not converted to the gospel and have a firm stance around the teachings of the Savior, it will be easy to become offended by an imperfect person and leave the blessings of the gospel. The church is true, because Christ is perfect. 

Love you all!!

Elder Carruth 

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