Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Week 74

This is going to be extremely short! I have very little time today because we went to the zoo this morning with the zone. So I will just share a miracle story. On Sunday we had a member bring his friend to church with him. He introduced us to her as soon as we walked into the building. Her name is Shana. She came to gospel principles class and Jennifer and Domonic were there too! It was awesome to see them I didn't think they showed up. We decided to ask the class if they had any questions for us. That was inspired because the questions that came were incredible. First off Shana asked the first question. It was her first time at church. Not only that but her question was "How does baptism work in this church?" It was amazing! By the end of the class she told us that she has found her new church! Our church! She lives just outside of our area but the sisters are ready to teach her and help her. The next question was one that really touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. I was fasting that Sunday for Jennifer and Domonic. We have been teaching them for a couple months and I love them both to death. I am 100% POSITIVE that I knew Jennifer before this life. I know for a fact we were friends before this. And not just friends but like best friends. Like brother and sister. I have been praying so hard because I know that Jennifer wants to get baptized and wants to get sealed in the temple. But Domonic has been a little slower on the uptake. He is Catholic which is awesome. Firm faith in Christ. The miracle came in class when Domonic told us his hang up on getting baptized with his wife. He told us that he has had family who has passed away who were good Catholic people. He didn't want to believe that they couldn't live with Domonic again because they weren't sealed and they never had the chance to be in their life. It was a big deal to him. The spirit had him ask that question because we have the answer. Everyone gets the chance to accept the gospel, if not in this life then the next. We explained and testified that his family would learn about the gospel and have the chance to be sealed. They are waiting on Domonic to get baptized to take their names to the temple. I think it really softened his heart. Jennifer was in tears. I was almost in tears. It was incredible. They are incredible. We have a lesson set up with them later today. I love you all!
Elder Carruth
PS - The picture with me and a sister missionary is me and Hermana Peyson. She came into the mission with me and we served together in Rio Rancho for all 5 transfers I was there. She is my best friend in the mission. She goes home in a week. Which means the english sisters that came out with me go home next transfer and I go home 6 months after that. Crazy.

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