Friday, June 19, 2015

Week 5

I think it is week 5... Kinda losing track already haha well this week was pretty good! Lots has happened since the last time I got to write home. I got to go to burger place that is known for having a spicy burger. I dont mind spicy food so I gave it a shot. It was pretty hot hahaha runny nose was the worst side effect though. I did eat the whole thing! We were not able to meet with Chuck and Christy this week unfortunately. But tomorrow they are taking us to dinner so that should be awesome! They are progressing really well. We meet with Brent almost every night and he is working really hard to be baptized on the 4th. Last week we got 5 new investigators!! FIVE! haha thats so many! We have a family of 4 where the daughter has been coming to church for months and is going on trek this week. Her name is Kendall. She is 16 and more active than most of the members her age. The bishop told us that she could be a class president is she was a member. I hope that happens soon. Our other new investigator is named April and I will talk about her later in this email. We have a member named Craig, I don't know if I have mentioned him or not yet, but he is totally awesome! One of my favorite people here. He is less active but coming back to church and going to get the priesthood soon! We visit him every week and he is starting a non-profit organization to build orphanages here. He is an inspiration to me. We had Zone Conference last Friday and it was awesome! We got some training on driving safe and they but little monitoring machines to record our crappy driving. I dont have driving privileges yet so I dont have to worry about it haha the little boxes are nicknamed "Moms best fried" haha My zone was in charge of a special musical number so we went up all together and sang "We'll bring the world his truth". I love that song so much and now have it memorized. We had service on Saturday and helped pull weeds out at the new Rio Communities City Hall. It was fun and they gave us Tshirts. Thats pretty much all that my week has to offer! Thank you everyone for you support and I hope everyone has a spiritually uplifting week and month. Love you all.

Quotes of the Week:

"Jesus Christ is the light that cannot be hid in darkness."

"As the kingdom of God grows and expands, so will the opposition grow and expand."

"Without the Spirit we are helpless."

"From the beginning, Satan's plan was to divide."

"Satan trembles when he sees the weakest saint on their knees."

Spiritual Experience of the Week:

Let me tell you about April. We went to visit a former named Dell. We took a member with us named Marcus. They were talking about life and we were all having a great time. Dell started talking about her best friend who got injured and cant work anymore. Her name is April. As it turns out Marcus and April used to be coworkers. We got her address and went and saw her and she let us in! Without Marcus we wouldn't have had a chance. She shared a lot of her life with us and she told us she couldnt believe we were there. When Marcus gave the closing prayer she cried. It was amazing how the spirit not only led Marcus to come out with us, but then led us to someone he knew 10 years ago and someone we can help. The spirit is amazing. 


none :( 

Love you all,

Elder Carruth

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