Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 17

Hello everyone!! I am sorry but this will probably be a shorter email as well. I am running late for our district lunch and I am the one who set it up! haha anyway this week was really good! we got another investigator to accept a date for baptism and his name is C. He has been taking the discussions for 2 years and finally has decided to get baptized! He is pretty cool and full of great stories! Last week we had a couple really interesting moments. One of them was watching a car chase as we were walking home to our apartment. It was only a street away from us and there were lots of police cars haha. I got to go on exchanges last week too with Elder Evans in the Tome area. I got to pretend I knew Spanish. It was a lot of fun though and I enjoyed my time with him. Our last appointment we walked up to the porch and there was a dead pig carcass on a lawn chair. Interesting to say the least haha. I love the are of Belen so much and the people here are amazing. The spirit is strong and constantly guiding us to those who are ready for the truth. This week we have a lot of potential investigators that we are going to start teaching. Hopefully they are ready as well. Yesterday I got attacked by a pitbull. Scary... Really scary. Didn't get bit though. I did kick it once before the owner grabbed it bit I almost lost a leg for sure. Dogs around here are terrible and I hate it. Anyway I love you all! I promise more next week from me! 

Quotes of the Week:

"Revelation requires action."
"Every child of God deserves to feel the spirit."
"Our only fear should be losing the spirit."
"True disciples of Christ serve those around them."

Spiritual Experience of the Week:

I had the chance to give a blessing to my companion. He was struggling a little. When I started the blessing I received strong and direct promptings and knew exactly what Heavenly Father needed him to here. The spirit was strong and I am grateful for it. 

Love you all!!

Elder Carruth

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