Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Week 19

When Elder Carruth gets sick...the garbage grows very fast.

Hello from Belen! RAINY BELEN! It was such a blessing to get some rain yesterday. My companion and I went for a bike ride in it since we are both from Washington. The weather here is supposed to be much cooler this week and I am excited for that. I don't like how it is dark when we wake up now though haha not used to that at all. Anyway this week was a pretty tough one for us. A lot of our appointments fell through and we struggled to find people to teach. We worked really hard though and the blessings will come this week. I am confident. It is already the last week of the transfer now! Week 6! It goes by so fast it is crazy. We will find out this Saturday who is getting transferred and who is not. That means P-day is Monday next week. Everyone thinks I will be getting transferred and I am starting to believe them. I don't want to ever leave Belen. I love the people here and the ward is amazing. It will be hard to say goodbye. Hopefully that won't have to happen in a week haha my companion and I have been spending a lot more time on our bikes. I lost 4 pounds in the first 4 days of having them haha I will be skinny in no time! We get to talk to so many people when we are on bikes and it makes me feel more like a true missionary haha. We had a cool experience this week. One of the members in our bishopric invited us over to meet and teach one of his friends from work. It was just a short overview of the Restoration and the Book of Mormon but it was powerful and I felt so trusted by our ward member. It was a cool experience and I hope we get to meet with them again soon. That was pretty much it this week! It was pretty tough and slow so not much to report on. I love you all and hope you all have the best week this week!!

Quotes of the Week:

"Increased vision brings increased motivation."
"How does your attitude effect how you look at the commandments?"
"Sometimes just passing the test isn't enough."
"If you have time for golf you have time for Christ."
"The most important commandment is the one you struggle with."
"Humility is the fountain of all virtues."

Spiritual Experience of the Week:

We had a lesson with P last week where he told us that he does not intend to join the church. Right when he said that I got a strong spiritual prompting to not stop teaching him and that he needed the gospel. Right when we left the appointment I asked my companion what he thought and he got the same prompting that I did! It was so cool and I love that we have unity in our companionship. I am so happy that the spirit testified so strongly to both of us. 
Miracle of the Week:
We were knocking on doors one evening decided to try one more. When the lady opened the door she smiled really big and came outside. Usually this means people are going to argue or bash with us so we got prepared. That didn't happen though! She said she knew about the Book of Mormon and that she was going to Salt Lake in a couple days! She asked us what to look at at temple square and how to spend her time! It was so awesome. And the best part was she invited us to come back to talk to her next week. It was a tender mercy from the Lord.

I love you all!!!

Elder Carruth

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