Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Week 30

30 weeks have come and gone and it goes so fast!! Crazy!! It is almost Christmas time!! Can't believe it. This week was a pretty slow one but one of miracles and exciting things! And next week will be exciting too! It is always a good day as a missionary. Last week we had a service project at St. Vincent's food pantry. We were in charge of helping people get there food to their cars and stuff. It was a lot of fun! And I love being able to meet and talk to all kinds of new people and help them. We only got bashed once too which is nice. Apparently we are invited to help every week so we are going to start doing that more often. I really enjoyed it. So I had a humbling experience this week. We were tracting in the middle of the afternoon and we decided to do 3 streets. The first one was really successful! We talked to a lot of people and had good conversations with them. As we started the second street I was excited to continue success. The first guy on that street was extremely rude. Like for no reason. So I may or may not have been a little sarcastic back to him. Apparently sarcasm is something I do a lot. Most of you probably know that already. Anyway as soon as we walked away from him not only did my companion yell at me but the spirit did too. I have not felt that bad in a long long time. The rest of that street was terrible. Doors slamming and people yelling. It was tough. I knew that the only way to fix it was to go apologize to the first guy. Oh how I did not want to do that. My pride was real that day. But the spirit convinced me and I went out of my way to apologize to the person who was just as rude the second time around. I felt better though and the following street was again filled with success. It was a humbling experience where I learned a lot about how to represent the Savior. Later that night we taught MJ about the plan of Salvation. It was powerful and the spirit was strong. I loved it and hope to get her to come to church soon and progress her to baptism. We went on exchanges last week with the Cabezon Elders. I went to Cabezon with Elder Jones. He has been out for 18 months. He struggles a little with the work and loves excuses but he works hard. I enjoyed working with him. We had a 2 hour long weed pulling party with the Chamisa Sisters and I enjoyed getting to know them as well. They are in the other district so I don't see them very often. It was a good exchange. District Meeting last week was pretty good too! I loved it. We talked a lot on focusing on the needs of people and not just teaching lessons. It was good and the spirit was there for sure. So Saturday was an interesting day. We started by tracting and dropped by a less active sister. When we told her we couldn't come inside because she was a lone she was angry. She immediately called our ward mission leader to complain and tell him that he is changing the rules. No amount of us telling her that our rules come from the Prophet and Apostles would change her mind. It was funny to listen to her throw down on our ward mission leader. After that we were riding bikes when my back tire decided it wanted to explode. Like legit explode. There is a 2 inch gash in the tire and the tube is destroyed. It is great and we have been walking ever since! I hope to get it fixed today I just need a new tire. Saturday night was the adult session to the multi stake conference. Elder Bennett of the 70 was presiding and elder Jones of the 70 was there too. That place was packed. 3 stakes of adults. We had to sit on the stage by the time we got there. Yesterday for the normal session we had to go to the local hockey arena to fit everyone. A new stake was created and the stake presidency for Rio Rancho was reorganized. It was so cool to watch the growth of the church. I was happy to be a part of it. That is about all for this week! Love you all!!  

Quotes of the Week:

"The scriptures open the window of revelation."
"Don't let the things you own own you."
"Heavenly Father will always go after the one."
"Success comes with invitation."
"If you wait, the opportunity will pass."
"Out of the death of One was born the power of everlasting life for all."

Spiritual Experience of the Week:
So last week during one of my studies I was pondering on the things I had read. Suddenly I found myself thinking about one of the Sisters in my District. I didn't know why, but I was thinking about things that could be said in a blessing to her. Early this week, that same sister called and asked for a blessing. In the room there was a Zone Leader, an Assistant, me and my companion. When we asked who she wanted to give the blessing she didn't hesitate before choosing me. It was a testimony for me that the spirit had prepared me for that blessing and the same things I had thought about before came back to me in the blessing. It was a sweet experience. 

Miracle of the Week:
We were knocking doors one day trying to finish a neighborhood we had started a while ago. We had one street left. We started up one side of it and by the end I was ready to be done. No one was interested or home even. Both my companion and I got the prompting to finish the other side of the street. So we did. There we found 2 people who are ready for the gospel. 2 people who took Book of Mormons and invited us to come back. It was a miracle to me and also direct fulfillment of my Patriarchal Blessing. 

Spiritual thought of the Week:
So Elder Bennett focused on the fact that success is not in the converting of people and friends. Success is found in the invitation. It is so true. All we need to do is invite people to hear about the gospel, or invite them to church or activities. The result of that is based on their agency and has no effect on our personal success. We need to not fear to invite others to take part in this gospel. It changes lives. It blesses families. And it heals broken hearts. I testify of that and of the fact that our Savior lives. He loves us and wants us to return to live with Heavenly Father again. 

Pic: The face you make when you tire explodes.

Elder Carruth 

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