Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 31

Welcome to the first day of my 6th transfer! I have been here for forever it seems like. I am not getting transferred and neither is my companion. 7 more weeks together!! Time to change the world!! This transfer has an extra week since the last one was only 5 weeks. Christmas messes timing up. Anyway with the new stake that was created a week ago my district got mixed up as well. Instead of having one set of sisters and one set of elders I will now have 2 sets of sisters. Relief Society!! It will be an interesting change for sure but I am excited and look forward to continue my leadership here in Panorama Heights. Since the other sisters live farther away we will also be getting a car. We won't use it much probably but it will be nice to have. This week was a pretty good one for the work. We had a lot more lessons and had a lot of success talking to people. The highlight of the week for sure was our Zone Conference with Elder Randall K. Bennett of the 70. He spoke last general conference. We got to sit and listen to him train us for 7 hours last Tuesday and it was amazing. The spirit was incredible and he really changed my whole mission. I received personal revelation for me and for my area. He focused a lot on being bold and direct with people. And teaching simply and quickly. It was a powerful day and I hope I can continue to carry that spirit with me though out the rest of my mission. After the end of conference I got to see one of my favorite missionaries and he gave me a big hug. It was awesome and it was just a great day all together. We helped at the food pantry again last week and it is so fun. People are so grateful for all the help especially this time of year. We were applying what we had learned in Zone Conference and it was really working well and the success was coming. Elder Bennett is clearly a servant of the Lord. Later that day we had a lesson with MJ. She is really doing well. We taught about the Gospel of Jesus Christ as well as the Priesthood and she accepted a baptismal date in January!! Most likely she will move before then but it was still awesome! We also had the chance to give her a blessing and will give her another one tonight. It was a great night. The spirit was strong. We got a couple new investigators this week. One of them has a wife who might be a member and that would be really awesome. Hopefully we can teach them this week again. Zone training last week was awesome. We had a review of Elder Bennett's training and it was almost as inspiring. The zone leaders randomly called on both of the District Leaders to go up and role play with them. I think we did pretty good actually and they told us they did that to help us gain more district trust. It was good. We went on a mini exchange on Saturday for about 4 hours. Elder Worley came to Panorama with me and we tracted for almost all of that time. The last hour we battled hail and freezing rain. We knocked on doors soaking wet and it was great. People thought we were crazy but that is how important this message is. Nothing is more important in this life than hearing about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Nothing will bless your life more or help you find more joy than that. The water on the ground was freezing as we were walking. It was interesting for sure and a long hour. That was pretty much my whole week!! Hope all is well with all of you!!! Love you all!!!!!!

Quotes of the Week:
Left them at home I am sorry. Next week for sure!! 

Spiritual Experience of the Week:
Zone Conference wins for sure. It was a whole day of revelation and spiritual boosts. It was so incredible and motivating. I can't wait till an Apostle comes to the mission.

Miracle of the Week:
So last week I sent a picture of my bike tire blowing up. Later that same day we got a call from a member who told me he would fix it. In less than an hour I had a new tire and he paid for it all. It was a huge miracle!! A huge blessings from the Lord that allows us to work faster.   

Spiritual Thought of the Week:
I was reading in 2 Nephi 27, comparable to Isaiah 29 in the bible, about the coming forth of the Book of Mormon. I realized that the whole purpose of the Book of Mormon was to end the great Apostasy and restore the knowledge of Jesus Christ to God's children. It was really cool revelation to me. With the Book of Mormon we can come to a fuller knowledge of Christ and His teachings and enjoy the blessings of the gospel. 

Love you all!!!
Elder Carruth

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