Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Week 34

Well what a week it has been here in Rio Rancho. First of all Happy New Year to all. I hope we have all set some goals and plans for this upcoming year and have included some that will help draw us nearer to the Savior. 2016 is my blackout year. I will be a missionary every single day in 2016 and that makes it seem really long but I know how fast the last 8 months have gone. Time moves faster and faster everyday. This week was full of struggles and miracles and everything in between!! So last Pday we played football with the zone. Well... I collided with one of the Hermanas on accident and she beat me up. My thumb was almost black it was so swollen. I had a nurse in our ward check it out to make sure it wasn't broken. It wasn't and I got to tell a fun story the rest of the day. We had the opportunity to visit the sisters this last week and see how they are all doing. They all have such amazing spirits about them and I enjoy serving closely with all of them. Visits like this are my favorite part of being a District Leader. So we decided to fast with the Zone Leaders on New Years Eve for a couple of our sisters. Let me tell you how that day went. The day itself was great and we had a lot of success knocking on doors. It was almost dinner time when a man came up to us and invited us in for food. We hadn't eaten all day so we accepted. He fed us Luke-warm chili that I almost couldn't eat. Right after that we had dinner that was only apple pie and doritos. That was dinner. So all we ate that date was apple pie, doritos and sketchy chili. I have been sick ever since. It was a great experience. On a more serious note we had our investigator Anna come to a baptism this week! It was awesome and we are excited to see her tomorrow. She is progressing really well and really loves the things we teach. I went on exchanges with Elder Summerhays this week. He is one of our Zone Leaders. He keeps telling me that I am going to be a zone leader next transfer so I keep telling him he is going AP. It is a great game we play. We had a lot of fun together and did a lot of work. Our whole day was unsuccessful as far as numbers go but we learned a lot. Anyway that is all I have for now. I got sick after that and am still battling a small fever and nausea. We worked a full day yesterday almost though so I am still alive. love you all!!
Quotes of the Week:
None :(

Spiritual Experience of the Week:
So the sisters both got sick at the same time. They asked us for blessings and I immediately thought of one of them and what she needed to hear. When the time came that same sister asked me to give her the blessing. I love how the Lord prepares me to serve His children. This has happened a few times on my mission and I love it every time.

Miracle of the Week:
So on Friday our most progressing investigator dropped is. It was a really hard thing to take because she was doing so well. Later that evening we had dinner with a recent convert who is living with her boyfriend. Halfway through dinner the boyfriend told us he wants to take the discussions! It was awesome and a miracle. The Lord had prepared him and we get to teach him now.

I love you all!!!

Elder Carruth

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