Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Week 36

Hello from Rio Rancho! This will be a short email because this week has been full of sickness and sitting around doing nothing. I hate doing nothing. Like really do not like it. At all. Ever. But I know that everything happens for a reason and I have learned a lot from being sick. Something that did happen last week was I hit my 8 month mark. That is crazy. 1/3 of my mission has flown past me and I really am scared of how fast the rest of it will go. Days go by in blurs but weeks go by like seconds. I fell like I will be home in no time even though I have over a year left. So we did work for most of the week up until Friday. We had an awesome lesson with David on Thursday and he told us that he wants to meet more than once a week and that he is thinking about getting baptized!! That was really awesome for us and a good boost of motivation. Friday we had district meeting and I gave all of my energy for it. By the time it was over I was dead from being sick and we didn't work the rest of the day. We tried to work Saturday but my body rejected that idea too. Sunday morning I woke up with a fever of 102 and that really put me out for the day. I got some meds though and it hasnt returned. I hope to be back to full work on Wednesday. Since we have been sick we have been blessed with 9 referrals. It shows that the work of the Lord continues even when we are not able to be outside. I am grateful for the hard for of the missionaries around me and the example they are to me, especially my district. That is pretty much it for now! Sorry for the short email!!

Spiritual Experience of the Week:
District Meeting was really powerful. I felt the spirit carry me and give me the energy I needed to present a training for my missionaries. As soon as the meeting ended my energy was gone. I know that the Lord strengthened me and helped me to help my district. It was awesome. 

Miracle of the Week:
We were knocking on doors last Tuesday and a lady named Tiffany answered. This was the conversation:
Us: Hello we are representatives of Jesus Christ sharing the message of His gospel.
Tiffany: Hey I went to church once in Texas but then I moved here. I haven't been invited  back since.
Us: Well you are officially invited. Would it be alright for us to come teach you and your family about our message?
Tiffany: OF COURSE!
It was truly a miracle and a testimony that the Lord prepares people for the gospel.

I love you all!!!!
Elder Carruth 


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