Sunday, September 11, 2016

Week 69

I am losing track of what week I am on... It all feels like one really big and exhausting week. Full of joy and miracles from heaven of course. This week was the last week of the transfer! It also happened to be a holiday weekend. Wanna know a fun fact about New Mexico? Everyone leaves for the holidays. No one comes here for the holidays. People wanna get away. But no one wants to get away to New Mexico haha so this place is like a ghost town. All of the people we are teaching were out of town so we only had one lesson this week. But that is ok! Because the work of the Lord will always go forward. So lets talk about transfers. We got wrecked during transfers. We almost lost half of our zone! But that is awesome because change is good and I like meeting new missionaries. Not all of them are new to me but most of them are. So one of the missionaries that got transferred was my companion. Elder Campbell headed one zone over to the north side. My new companions name is Elder Rayl. He is a new Zone Leader so I am training him to be one. It is awesome! He is a stud. Great missionary and super sincere in all that he does. I am going to learn a ton from him I can already tell. We are going to work super hard and find the miracles that the Lord has prepared here. Another cool thing is that we now cover more than just the Volcano Cliffs Ward. We also now cover the YSA branch in the stake. YSA is the Young Single Adults. That should be interesting. I haven't had a strong desire to serve in the YSA but I am up for the challenge! We are starting from scratch so pray for us! Yesterday we got to take two greenies with us for the day because they were going down south to be trained. So from about 8 AM to 2 PM we had two brand new Elders with us. We worked in splits so I took Elder Dixon to a lesson with Rosalie. Rosalie is doing good. She had a recent tragedy in her family and since then has read 150 pages of the Book of Mormon. She told us she finds comfort in it too which is awesome! Elder Dixon was awesome as well he will be a great missionary and a leader in no time. That is pretty much all that happened this week. This next week is going to be legit though! We are going to tear it up and have a blast doing it! BOOM! Love you all!

Elder Carruth

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