Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Week 70

Elder Carruth says time goes fast when you are on a mission!

Holy Moly 70 weeks ago I was at home. 34 weeks from now I will be back home! That is plenty of time so it is ok. I notice an interesting change in what member have started asking me. Instead of asking "How long have you been out?" they are now asking "How long do you have left?" It is a subtle but very big difference. 16 months ago today I entered the MTC and my life changed forever. I can't really believe where I am today and all of the things that I have been able to accomplish with the help of the Lord. This last week was amazingly good. Elder Rayl and I are doing awesome together and are working super hard. Not just hard though we are working super smart as well. This is probably the most diligent I have been my whole mission. We are seeing a ton of miracles from it too. Good things happen to those who follow the Savior! So last week we had a really awesome miracle. Since Elder Rayl and I cover the YSA branch now we can go anywhere in the Stake. We have about 8 wards to choose from to work in at any given time. We prayed one day of where we should go. We decided to go to Ventana since it just recently opened up to missionaries. Even if we couldn't find YSAs we could hopefully help the sisters start their work their. Well we were able to get in contact with a less active member who our branch president asked us to go by. We set up an appointment. That was miracle number one. We knocked on two doors after that. The second door answered and it was a YSA! Her name is Danielle. She is very happy with her current church but told us we could come share with her if she could share with us. She also said she might be open to baptism is God told her it is true. Which is good cause we know that God will tell her that it is true. Cause it is true. Anyway that was a huge miracle for us to start the work in the YSA! We are super excited. Are you ready for miracle number two?!?! So do you remember Margo? She was the lady who randomly stopped her car and told us she appreciates what we do. Well she dropped us this week. BUT! We were able to talk to her daughter, who just so happens graduated from high school this year, which means she is a YSA, and she wants to hear the lessons from us! It was so cool!! Like super cool! The Lord is blessing us so much right now. We are so excited for this week. So many miracles are happening. So Jennifer came to church this week! And it was an amazing sacrament meeting. Two of our young women did a duet of Come thou Fount. One played the harp and both of them sang. It was incredible the spirit that was in the room and Jennifer totally felt it and recognized it! It was amazing. We also had an investigator named Jessica come to the YSA. When I saw them walk in I almost cried. I was so happy to have someone at church and I could truly feel of God's love for them. It was a sweet experience for me. We taught a few lessons last week too. This week should be better on the teaching part hopefully. This Friday Elder Pearson of the 70, he spoke in April conference 2015, is coming to our mission to do a MLC. I am pumped to be there! It is going to be incredible I can already tell! Anyway that is all from me this week. I love you all!
Elder Carruth

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