Monday, April 10, 2017

Week 100

Hello people! How are you? How is life? That is good to hear. This week was pretty awesome! Have you noticed that all weeks are pretty awesome? I have said that 100 times I feel like. Anyways let me tell you all about why this week was so awesome! So we had transfers this week. That is always a really exciting day and you never really know what is going to happen! We have 2 brand new missionaries in the mission now. They are both pretty awesome! One is from Spokane. Washington is going to out number the Utah people here soon. You just wait and see. Transfers went pretty well. Nothing majorly crazy happened which is good. The transfer van showed up 45 minutes early from El Paso so that was cool. We were scrambling a little bit but got it all figured out. Keeps us on our toes! This week was my departing interview. That was a little crazy. I never really thought this day was real or would ever really come. It is just something that is talked about in rumor almost. But nevertheless is came and it happened! It was a great experience. The spirit was strong and motivating. I felt the love of President and Sister Guffey. President told me how much my blog helped him and Sister Guffey prepare to come to the mission. The first time I met them last July that was the very first thing they told me was they had read my blog. And apparently it really helped them. That made me feel good. I am glad I send emails home every week haha. The interview was great and I am excited for the next 5 weeks. We had a really cool miracle this week. Elder Nelson was calling all of our formers and he called a guy named Eric. He told us that he had been thinking about us earlier that day and that he was wanting to take the lessons again. The reason he didn't get baptized before was he struggled with coming to church. We met with him and he accpeted baptism immediately! It was super cool! He told us that he is looking for peace in his life and the lesson went really well. We are excited to teach him. It was a miracle. Yesterday we went to a fireside put on by our Branch President. It was called "The Tomb" and was all about the final days of our Savior's life leading up to His resurrection. It was really powerful and a lot of people came to see. There were members of different faiths there as well. It was pretty cool! I enjoyed it. Anyway it was a great week. I love you all!!! 

Elder Carruth 

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