Thursday, August 20, 2015

Week 14

Note:  Last week I tried to edit some of the personal info out and found it left out a lot of good stuff.  This week I am replacing people's names with letters and leaving it at that - Melinda

Hello everyone!! What a great week I had here in Belen. First of all we got transfer news. On Friday night we got a call from President that went like this: "Elder Steffensen I am calling you to be a Zone Leader and Elder Carruth I am calling you to be a District Leader. Do you accept?" We answered in unison with a yes and I am now the District Leader here in Belen. It is crazy for me to think that I just finished training and now I am the District Leader. The Lord has a lot of trust in me and I hope I can magnify my calling. We had a really good week besides that too. We took C with us to go see B. B previously told us that we don't know the blessings of not smoking because we never smoked. So we decided to take C since he has had that in the past. The whole lesson was just C testifying of the Book of Mormon and how it helped him to stop smoking. It was incredible! We never prompted him to say anything he just did and it was great. At the end of the lesson B accepted a date for September 26th. We recently got 21 new ward missionaries and there were lots of them at the Ward Correlation meeting last week! The ward is really pushing for missionary work and it is fantastic. I love it so much and the members are really supporting us. I hit my 3 month mark last week! To celebrate I helped an investigator named JR to dig a 2 foot deep post hole to fix his fence.The fence is fixed now! And it looks good. JR and his mom and wife all are agreeing to get baptized, but they never come to church. His mom knows the spirit and knows it is true and wants to get baptized but never comes to church. I am worried we might have to drop them soon. I hope not though. Last Saturday was a crazy busy day! And an amazing one too. We got up early and went to help the Elders Quorum move a part member family. it took us three hours and my muscles were very sore after. But it was great work and fun to get out of the tie for a while. Right after that we went to K's Baptism!! C baptized K last weekend and it was amazing! K was really nervous but felt really good afterwards and is speaking in Sacrament next week. She is an inspiration to me and has a life of happiness awaiting her. Speaking of speaking in sacrament, I had the chance to give a short talk yesterday. My topic was "How individual family members aid in the cause of Zion" and I got a lot of compliments after. I didn't think it was that great but it was good enough. The whole meeting yesterday was really spiritual and I loved it. Talking all about families and marriage. It was really good. Tomorrow I will get a new companion and then start my life as a District Leader! Keep me in your prayers! Love you all!!

Quotes of the Week:
"The Book of Mormon is the gate to lasting conversion."
"People don't join the church because of what they know, they join because of what they feel."
"Replace your doubt with faith."
"The Book of Mormon is a pure vehicle of the spirit."
"We cannot please God without patience."
"Patience means delaying immediate gratification for future blessings."
Spiritual Experience of the Week:
Obviously it has to be the baptism of K. My most recent convert baptizing my now most recent convert. It was really special and the spirit was strong. There were 104 people there, most of which were K's family and not members. It was amazing to see the support she had. This baptism meant a lot to me because K is 16, the same age my mom was when she got baptized. Without that decision I would not be here serving and never would have met K. Because of my mom's choice, I have the everlasting and true gospel in my life. And now I can share it will the people of New Mexico. Now K can give that same option to her children. 
Baptism :)
Love you all!!
Elder Carruth

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