Thursday, August 27, 2015

Week 15

Typical David face, no?  This wonderful woman was just baptized and was happy!

Hello everyone from everywhere!! This last week was pretty stressful and hard for me. But blessings are everywhere if you look for them! We had transfers last Tuesday and I got a new companion named Elder P. He is pretty awesome and we work really well together. I am excited to see what we can accomplish over the next couple months or so. Most of last week consisted of dropped appointments and dropped investigators. We ended up dropping or being dropped by 4 people. Our teaching pool is pretty small now and we really need to find new people to teach. We went to a leadership meeting up in ABQ on Wednesday so I could learn how to be a District Leader. There is a lot to do. Lots of responsibility. But I am so up for the challenge and I love it already! I love being able to work so closely with the 9 other missionaries in my district. I got to interview someone last week too! My first one! I also got to go to her baptism which is even cooler. I love having this opportunity to serve as a District Leader and to help as many people as I can. We had a cool experience where one of our investigators told us that he was thinking about getting baptized. It was awesome because he doesn't come to church but he does come to all of our baptisms and he loves them. The spirit has softened his heart and he told us he is thinking about becoming a member. I can't wait to teach him soon. On Friday I had the chance to hold my first ever district meeting. I am in charge of presenting about an hour of training most fridays. I was pretty nervous but it went really well! The spirit was super strong and everyone came up to me and said it was great. I am excited to continue to learn and grow in my calling. On Saturday we got to go to the baptism of the person I interviewed. Her name is M and she is fantastic. Her whole family was baptized my first transfer here and now she is too. I was so excited for her and loved watching her make those covenants with Heavenly Father. Sunday was a great Sabbath day. First of all President and Sister Miller came to speak in our sacrament meeting along with K our Recent Convert! They all did amazing and K totally called my out by name for getting mad at her for texting us at like midnight once hahaha it was great. It was nice to see President too. That is pretty much our whole week! Hopefully this next week is full of miracles and adventures. Love you all!

Quotes of the Week:

"Transformation is not a future event."
"Write your own story."
"You were born an original, don't die a copy."
"Every sinner has a future, every saint has a past."
"Don't look back, that's not where you're going."

Spiritual Experience of the Week:

Yesterday we were contacting and we prayed to be able to find someone to teach. We really need new people. Elder P received a prompting to knock on a door. When we did the person answered and told us he had always wanted to talk to us to find out what we really believe! It was so awesome because he genuinely wants to learn. We set up an appointment at the church for Wednesday. The appointment is at 10 in the morning so we were really struggling to think of a member to come with us. Elder P said a prayer and during it the spirit prompted me to ask a member of our ward. He works for the Facilities Management so everyday of the week he is in a different church building working on them. We called and found out he would be in the Belen building on Wednesday and would love to join us! He is so awesome and so is the spirit! I love moments like these. 


Me and M right after her baptism.

Love you all!!!!

Elder Carruth  

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