Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 22

Hello amazingly awesome people who read my emails! Or at least look at it before you delete it! I hope all of you had a great week. This week for us was another faith tester. We still are struggling to find people to teach and it makes for some very long days and discouraged Elders. We have high hopes for the upcoming week though. Last P-day I won a game of slaughterball against the whole zone. That was awesome! I don't usually win. My arm is pretty tore up though. Last Wednesday our bishop invited us and the Spanish Elders over for dinner and told us to wear our service clothes. We didn't know what we were getting in to but turns out we were unloading a hot tub. A BIG Hot tub. We had 8 people there and we had to pick it up off the trailer and then carry it to the other side of the house. It was tough and only minor injuries occurred. It was worth the pizza for dinner though. We knocked on a ton of doors last week since we have no people to teach. We talked to all kinds of people. Some are nice and some aren't so inviting. But it is what has to be done to find people. We are hopeful for this week to be more successful. We have some good goals and plans to make this week awesome. Last Friday was a great day. We had Zone Conference!! It was awesome!!! First off we had to drive 45 minutes to get there and one of our members told us that traffic would be terrible since it was the last day of the balloon festival. So we rallied the district and left and hour earlier than normal. After not hitting any traffic my district was all at the building an hour early! So we went and partied at McDonald's for an hour. Zone conference was all about planning and making sure we are preparing for the battle we face everyday. It was just what we needed to here. Halfway through the conference they do a 5 minute role play where they call up a random companionship and make them role play something for 5 minutes in front of 3 zones, about 75 people. Well guess who got called up?! Yup that's right! The Belen Elders. When the AP chose us I looked up at him and said "Well we used to be friends." That got everyone to laugh so they were all on our side after that. Those 5 minutes were really like 5 hours but we got a lot of compliments and even President said we did great. So it all worked out. We all walked away from Zone Conference with a new motivation to do the Lord's work. On Sunday we met with one of our newest investigators who was introduce to us by a member of our ward. His name is Jacob. After teaching the Restoration he accept a baptismal date of November 7th! We are so excited for him! He loved coming to church and feels that this is right. Yesterday we got to put Zone Conference in to action as we had weekly planning. We were really diligent and immediately saw blessings. We have a lot of hope for this week. Love you all!!

Quotes of the Week:

"Spirituality and covenants are not stagnate." 
"Your eyes only show your limitations."
"Most people get ahead in the time others waste."

Spiritual Experience of the Week:

We were in a lesson with one of our progressing investigators. He doesn't come to church though and we were trying to find out why. Right when we asked him the spirit prompted me as to why he was hesitant. I talked with my companion right after and he agreed. Since the spirit told me that, we can now make plans to help him overcome that obstacle. It was awesome.

Miracle of the Week:
A few weeks ago we got a referral from the mission office. We tried to contact them but couldn't find his house. Yesterday we got a text from a member who said they wanted us to come over and teach that referral! It was so awesome and a huge tender mercy.

Pic: Zone conference. This is the Los Lunas Zone.

I love you all!!

Elder Carruth 

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