Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Week 49

Elder Carruth said it is good to know the desert is protected should there be fire.

Took me a minute to figure this out - it says JOY - goes with the xmas lights I guess!
Hello everyone!!!!! Hope all is well with all of you wherever you may find  yourself today. It has been a crazy week! Like really crazy. But in a really great way! The work is awesome and now that we cover two wards it is a lot more to do! Well soon anyway. We have nothing in the new ward so we get to build it from the ground up. Anyway lets talk about the week. So last week we had a really cool experience. We were out on the field and there was a bunny. We decided to chase it. It ended up getting stuck in the fence. So I got to touch it! BOOM! Touched a wild bunny. I feel accomplished. So besides that we had a really good lesson with R. We met him at the church because he was facing a lot of opposition at home. His wife's family came to their house and through a huge fit over them investigating the church. His wife immediately declined any further meetings with us. R however, fought back and shared his testimony of the restored gospel, something that he knows is true through revelation. He stood up for his beliefs and is still getting baptized this weekend. It will be a powerful baptism. Since that day we have had two members invite R and his whole family over for dinner. His wife came too and enjoyed the company. Since then we have had dinner at R's home with his wife. Things are going well for now. Prayers would be gratefully accepted. We are really excited for Ryan. On Saturday he asked me to baptize him. I couldn't stop smiling. I am honored and blessed to even have the opportunity to do that. I am excited. If I would have left on my mission when I originally planned to, 6 months prior to my actual departure, I would have not met R. The Lord knows what he is doing. I promise and testify of that fact. We taught a couple of new investigators this week. One is M. She is Catholic and very very nice. She is interested in reading the Book of Mormon because she had a old friend who was a member and would talk to her about it. We have an appointment to go back this week and we are excited for it. Hopefully things go well. We also had a really cool experience. We knocked on the door of a guy named Hr. He told us to come back the following day so we did. When we got there his wife A answered. Usually a bad sign because the spouse is the brave one that tells us to go away. However! She told us to come back in 20 minutes and that they were looking for a church! We came back and the listened to us talk about the Book of Mormon and its importance to us. They asked questions and accepted a baptismal invite. The spirit was powerful. Really powerful and we are really excited to go back and see them this week. More details to come. Sunday was the first time I got to attend multiple wards as a missionary. Now that we cover two we get to go to two blocks. Our day started at 7 AM with PEC and ended at 4 PM after our second block. It was a lot of church but a good thing too. We will see how it goes as it continues. That is about it for the week! Love you all!!

Elder Carruth 

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