Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Week 92

Monday seems to be everyday now. Next Monday is arrivals and we get to go to the airport again and pick up 11 new missionaries. Remember the last time we picked up the new missionaries? Feels like yesterday. This week was a good one! I will try to capture the highlights. We had a special MLC with Lee Donaldson. If you know The District, he is the Mission President of District 2 in San Diego. He is a professional trainer for the church now so he came to train us and President Guffey. We got to go teaching with him on Monday night and it was awesome! He taught us a ton about the Doctrine of Christ and the Plan of Salvation. It was awesome. MLC was super cool too! We had 91 missionaries there and we managed to take a picture with all of them! Pretty cool. The meeting was super inspiring and I am pumped up to apply the things that I learned! I have a lot of tools for teaching people now. Besides that we had a baptism! Kimberleigh got baptized this weekend. She has changed a ton. She was super excited though and it was a good day. The spirit was super powerful the whole time and I loved it. I could spend all day at baptisms. It is almost like being in the temple. Kimberleigh is doing awesome. We have another baptism coming up on the 22nd! Alana is her name. She is awesome. She has come to church 3 weeks in a row and stayed all 3 hours. She is really excited to be baptized. We are excited too! This upcoming week is going to be crazy! We will be in El Paso tonight for Zone Conference tomorrow and then another Zone Confernce in ABQ on Thursday. Transfers are next week so I don't really know when I will email. Probably Tuesday. I am not going to get transferred. I will stay here till the end of my mission most likely. I love you all!!! 

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