Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Week 43

Hello everyone from home and abroad! Hope all of you have felt the love of our Savior this week as you push through the trials and adversity of mortality. This week in the life of Elder Carruth has been pretty good! The week started really slow but by the end of it we were happy with what we had accomplished. T and his family continue to progress to their baptism date! The 19th of this month will be a really good day for all of us. We are excited to continue to teach him.
We also started teaching an older lady named M. She is from Germany. She is nice but feels happy where she is and doesn't want to change. We will see how the next appointment goes. We had MLC this week and that was really awesome! We got to learn a lot from President about repentance and conversion. We then got the chance to take that to our Zones and train them on it. The spirit was very powerful and we really enjoyed it. I love the calling that I have. We had the chance to do some service this week! We helped the Hermanas move a bunch of hay bales. Them things are heavy. I picked one up and tried to put it over my head. I managed to do it but the consequence was not worth it. I was showered in hay that got everywhere. Like I am still finding hay. We had a cool experience last week. We had an appointment and the member who was going to come cancelled on us. We didn't know what to do. At that moment the thought of one of our members came into my mind so I called her. She was more than willing to drop everything she was doing and to come help us with the lesson. It was a miracle and a tender mercy from the Lord. We got to go to the temple yesterday! It was really nice. I loved getting to see other missionaries that I am not used to seeing too. I got to catch up with some old friends. That was pretty much my whole week this week. Sorry this email is so short!! Love you all!!!
Quotes of the Week:

"Life is about becoming."
"Conversion comes through full repentance."
"Conversion inspires compassion."

Spiritual Experience of the Week:
Our Zone Training about Repentance and Conversion was amazingly powerful. I really enjoyed it a lot. The spirit was full of revelation and we were all motivated to work.

Miracle of the Week:
We had planned at one point to go and knock some doors but due to some back pain we were unable to do it. While we were at home we got a call from the Hermanas with 3 referrals for us. It was amazing to see how the Lord's work with always go on even when we can't.
Spiritual Thought of the Week:
As Easter approaches I would invite all of you to remember the things the Savior did for us. The resurrection of the Savior grants us all the gift of overcoming physical death. What a marvelous blessing that is to all those who accepted the plan of salvation from before the world was.
Love you all!
Elder Carruth

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