Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Week 45

*Mom's note: Yes that is a Krispy Kreme on top of Cheesecake.  At least the donut is green....

Another week has ended and with it another transfer has ended. I cannot believe that this is my 8th transfer in the mission. My year mark is the beginning of next transfer? Crazy stuff. Anyway my companion and I both are staying for at least one more transfer. I was pretty happy with the news I really wanted to stay here with Elder Summers. We are really excited for this next transfer and a lot of good things are about to happen here in Rio Rancho. Anyway lets talk about last week. Well it started really well!! Like really well. We taught a lot of lessons in the first few days. We were able to teach D last week. He read through the Restoration pamphlet and had a lot of questions. His big hold up is the Priesthood Authority. So we studied up on the New Testament and Jesus Christ's use of the Priesthood and we are going back later today to talk with him. Hopefully things go well! He is a great person. We were also able to teach E last week a couple times. He gave us a sheet of paper that he felt disproved our religion, even though it doesn't at all. But we are going to go back and tell him that so its ok. These last couple weeks the zone has been facing a lot of opposition. Which means that some big blessings are right around the corner if we can be patient and diligent. We are excited for that. St. Patricks day was last week! Also known as my Dad's birthday. So shout out to dad HAPPY BIRTHDAY! LOVE YOU! Anyway we did a ton of service that day. We helped a family in our ward move a bunch of top soil from the front yard to the back. They are trying to grow grass. Bold strategy here in NM. We also helped out at the food pantry for the first time in a while. We were up in the attic moving Easter stuff down stairs. Elder Summers lost control of a box and it landed on the insulation. Well a couple seconds after that it was on the floor below. A new hole was placed in the ceiling haha it was hilarious and no one got hurt so even better. Friday was the day I got sick... AGAIN! Kidney stone one week and nasty head cold the next! It knocked me down for three days or so and I am just now getting over it. Being sick on the mission is not my favorite thing in the world. It makes me feel lazy and  like a unsuccessful missionary. But I know that rest is important so I try to humble myself. Hopefully I get better soon. Saturday was by far the best day of the week! We had a baptism!!!!!! T Sr. and T Jr. got baptized!! It was such a great experience and a wonderful day for everyone. I am so proud of the decision they both made to draw closer to the Savior. Saturday night was when we got the transfer news. I was super nervous because I really felt like I was going to get transferred. But I didn't! In fact only 2 people in the zone did. It was a light transfer. This next transfer we are going to have a ton of fun as a zone. It will be great!! That was pretty much my whole week. We have baptized our progressing investigators so now we are on the find again. Knocking doors with bold testimonies here we come!!! Love you all!!!

Spiritual Experience of the Week:
The baptism we had was amazing! I was sick before it started but from the opening to closing prayer I felt much better. I could think straight and breathe. The spirit lifted me. T bore his testimony and it was powerful. He thanked all who helped him and bore firm witness of the restoration of the truth. It was incredible. 

Miracle of the Week:
So we had an appointment at 7 one day to go teach. Our member was 20 minutes late though and we almost left without him. He finally showed up and our appointment fell through. Then all of a sudden we saw T driving to visit the member we had with us. So we ended up getting to teach instead. It only worked out because we were 20 minutes late though. The Lord knew what He was doing and it was a miracle. 

Spiritual Thought of the Week:
Today I studied the importance of repentance in the plan that God has prepared for us. Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we can overcome our shortcomings and weaknesses and become more like Him. It is crucial that we recognize the mistakes me make and rely on the Savior for help to overcome them. It is then that we are forgiven and washed clean through the Atonement.

Love you all!!!!

Elder Carruth

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