Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 56

Hello everyone from home and abroad! Hope this last week filled you with love, joy, peace, happiness, success, joy and success. And peace. Of course. This week for us was awesome! We taught a ton this week and had miracles to spare! It was super cool! Let me tell you all about it!!!!! So first of all as soon as June came the heat came with it. Mid to High 90s for the last few days and will be for the next week. So prayers of rain and ice storms would be lovely. Last week we were able to begin teaching someone new. Her name is Angie. She came to church with one of her friends last week and we were able to set up a meeting with her on Tuesday. She has a really close friend of hers pass away as well as her parents. It has been extremely tough. She is 16. We met with her 5 times this week and she has totally grasped the gospel. She is progressing incredibly well and loves to learn. The spirit is there as we teach her and she is preparing for baptism on the 25th. What an amazing miracle for us and a blessing to her. She is such a testimony builder that the Lord truly does prepare people to hear the Restoration of His gospel. It is amazing to see and to be a part of it as a missionary. She was the highlight of the week. We also have been working with Renee as she prepares for baptism this weekend. She came to Stake Conference this week and is preparing for her big day. She has had some complications with her pregnancy as the day gets closer so prayers for her would be great. She and her husband are doing awesome though and we love getting to know them. We had MLC this week. The last MLC of President Miller's mission before he leaves. He leaves at the end of this month and President Guffey will take over. That is crazy to me. I love President so much and will miss him a ton. During MLC President asked if I would Role Play a contacting situation in front of everyone. Everyone being all of the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders of the Mission. About 30 people. So I did and it went ok. When I was done he walked up to the front put his arm around me and said "Elder I hope you know how much I love you." and then proceed to tear my role play apart hahaha it was so humbling. It was great though I appreciated it. We had a crazy cool miracle the next day though. We had zone training and we trained on contacting people everywhere and talking to everyone that we see. After the meeting Elder Burton and I and the APs were in the kitchen when a 15 year old girl knocked on the door. She asked if she could get some water. Applying what we talked about just minutes before we began to talk to her about the gospel. She accepted and invitation to our lesson later that night with Angie and she came! It was so cool. The Lord brought her to us. Now she is being taught by the missionaries who cover her area and all is well. It was a week full of miracles and joy for us. We love being missionaries. I love the Lord and my Savior Jesus Christ and testify to you all that they live. They lead and guide this church and love us all. That we may all remember who we are and where we come from is my prayer. I love you all.

Elder Carruth  

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