Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Week 58

Well another week has come and gone here in the great city of Albuquerque. The weather has been nice and consistent. Anywhere from 95-102. Not complaining! Just informing you all that live or work where there is AC all day. This week was awesome. We didn't teach a ton but we found a lot of people to teach which means this coming up week is going to be even better! Keep us in your prayers please as we continue to find those who are prepared for the gospel. Anyway on to the week. So most of the week has been us knocking doors and me meeting members of the ward. It is a great ward and I am pumped to get to know them all and work with them. Last week we got to meet the Maile family. Brother Maile is our Ward Mission Leader and they are from Tonga. They are amazing people. As soon as I said I was from Washington Sister Maile started laughing and throwing down on Washington. It was hilarious. Then Brother Maile looked at me and told me I better not miss any meals in this area. They are funny people and we get along really well for some reason haha. I love them already. So we got a new investigator last week! Her name is Rosalee and I know I probably spelled it wrong. She is Jewish and wants to learn more about the Book or Mormon. She loves meeting with us and the first lesson went pretty well. We went back yesterday and she was waiting for us! In a good way of course. Her gate was open chairs were ready and she dressed up even. She was prepared to talk to us and had been reading the Book of Mormon. It was super cool to see and as we taught the Plan of Salvation she agreed with it! She said that it made more sense to her than what she had been taught growing up. We have a weekly appointment with her and now it is just getting her to come to church! We had an awesome miracle this week. Like super cool. We were knocking on doors in the heat of the afternoon. The first 8 houses didn't answer. I looked at my companion and told him is we made it to the next side street without talking to anyone we would leave and find somewhere else to go. The last house before the side street answered the door and quickly told us he wasn't interested and closed the door. It was a sign though that we needed to continue the street. So we did. More of the same happened until the very last door on the whole street. We knocked it and talked for about 10 minutes to a really awesome woman named Rebecca. She told us she was interested in learning more about the Book of Mormon and how it could help her. She told us to come back this week and to talk to her more. It was a super cool miracle because the Lord kept us on that street and though obedience and persistence we were able to find His daughter who needed the gospel. It was a good day. We had Stake Conference this weekend. That was good because we got to see President Miller one more time before he leaves next Monday. Can you believe that? New mission President in less than a week. It is going to be crazy for sure. We shall see though. Should be good. Elder Karl Tilleman from the Area 70 was there and he is an awesome guy! He talked to us after the adult session for a while and gave us a ton of advice about making the new president feel welcomed. The only bad part about conference is I didn't get to go to my ward and meet everyone. So I will have to wait a week for that. The only other thing that we did was teach Pete. He is getting married on the 1st and baptized on the 2nd. He is an incredible example to me of conversion and is doing great. We get to go to his wedding too which is even better! I am excited for that!!!! Anyway things are going great here. I love the work to death and can't wait to have more experiences that will grow my testimony and faith. I love the Lord and all He does for me and I know he loves you too no matter the challenges you face. Keep up the faith. Keep being awesome and know that I love you!
Elder Carruth

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