Friday, June 3, 2016

Week 55

Hello family, friends and everyone else! Hope the end of May is treating you well and filling you will joy and happiness! And cookies... We all love cookies. This week was a lot of fun!! Wonderful miracles happened and everyone felt the love of our Savior. So we went on exchanges this week. Elder Thomas and I got to spend the day together. It is the second time I went on exchanges with him. He is a great missionary and I always learn a ton from him. We were out knocking doors and we found a less active member of the church who was moving out. We offered help and he accepted! We helped load the last few things into his truck and then he gave us his new address for us to give to other missionaries to help him. It was so cool to see the Lord put us in a place where we can help someone. Now we can send other missionaries to him and to teach his family the gospel. Another miracle we saw this week came from a member. We went to church and a member brought one of his friends. He told us that she was interested in  learning more about the church! We have been struggling to find new people to teach so it was a huge miracle! The Lord is preparing people for us to teach. I testify of that. the last miracle of the week happened yesterday. We got a call from the Sisters who told us that someone was at the hospital and needed a blessing. They were about to go into emergency surgery. We left right then and got there as soon as we could. We literally got there 2 minutes before she hit the OR. the nurses told us that she was unavailable but when she saw us she told them that she needed to talk to us. We gave her a powerful blessing. The spirit testified to all of us that she would be ok. That the surgery would go well and that there would be no long term complications. The timing was perfect. The Lord was in control to whole way. It was amazing. I am so grateful for the Priesthood and the spirit. What a wonderful gift. The only other update I have is on Drew and Renee. They are doing awesome! They came to church this Sunday and Renee loved it. She is planning on getting baptized on the 11th. I can't wait! It is what will make this whole transfer worth it. The Lord loves us all. I testify of that and promise that he blesses us as we follow our Savior. 

Elder Carruth  

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