Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Week 81

Today is the first day of my 14th transfer! Woo! I am getting old. People are starting to tell me that I am almost done with my mission. I quickly correct them though and tell them that President Monson told me I can stay for 4 years, so I am not even halfway. This week was extremely special to me. We saw a lot of success. I spent the week with Elder Dial since Elder Prigmore went home. Elder Dial has been out for 3 months now. I actually got to finish his training with him. That was fun. We worked super hard this week and saw a lot of miracles. The Lord is blessing El Paso a ton! I am blessed to be here. So we had Thanksgiving this week! We were taken care of. The Jester family fed us. They are one of my favorites. We actually got to teach the gospel on Thanksgiving which was a miracle in itself! I love holidays as a missionary. Weird to think that was my last Thanksgiving. This week we focused a lot on finding new people to teach. We have a few people who are doing really well and will get baptized in December, so we need to start preparing people for January. We were blessed to be sent to areas with people who invited us back! The Lord truly directed us. It was so cool. One of the reasons this week was so special is because we had a baptism. Erinne got baptized. She is 9 years old and is a special daughter of God. Her family is working on being sealed in the temple! That is so cool. They asked me to baptize her and it made me really happy. The spirit at the baptism was incredible. Seriously one of the strongest moments of my entire mission. It brings tears to my eyes. I know that God loves us. I felt it. And I continue to feel it as I go about doing His work. It was an incredible moment in my life and something I will always remember. I am grateful to be here. So I am not being transferred. My new comp will be Elder Faris. I will get him tomorrow. We will be leading a zone that will have 2 new companionships, making 10 total. We will have 7 missionaries in our zone that have been out for less than 3 months, 4 of those just got off the plane today. 2 of our 3 District Leaders are new as well. Lots of change is happening but with it miracles are coming. Elder Dial and I have prayed all week that we would be able to find someone new to teach. On Sunday, 4 people sat in the row in front of us that I didn't know. 2 were members and 2 weren't. As soon as the meeting ended the members turned around and introduced us to their friends, who want to learn more about the gospel. When members bring friends to church, it is a huge miracle in the life of a missionary. It was direct answers from heaven. God is in control. I love Him. He loves you. I testify of that. I have felt his love for those that I have helped come unto Christ. This gospel is true. It is restored. Christ is at the head. I love you all! 

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