Thursday, December 22, 2016

Week 83

Well what a week. So much has happened over the last 7 days. Like a ton. Let me tell you about it all. Imagine all of this in one breath... it would be funnier that way. Soooooo on Tuesday we had a mission tour with Elder Pearson of the 70. What a powerful disciple of Jesus Christ. He gave us so much to think about and new ideas to apply and to help our mission progress. He also gave us a wonderful feeling of the love our Father in Heaven has for us. It was such a spiritually motivating day for all of us. We all received revelation on what we can do better. During the conference Elder Pearson asked 3 missionaries to get up at the pulpit and give a 5 minute talk that we were all asked to prepare in advance. It is the scariest time of zone conference honestly cause you never know who will get picked. Usually Zone Leaders don't get called because we are asked to give other training during the conference. Well, my luck seems to have run its course. The last of the 3 names that Elder Pearson read was "Elder Carruth." I got nervous for the first few seconds as me and the two sisters he chose walked up to the stand. But I also was filled with confidence and assurance because I knew that I had prepared something that the spirit would help me with. I knew that my preparation was adequate and I have faith that the Lord will help me. As my turn came I was filled with love and I spoke boldly and by the spirit. I honestly can't remember much of what I said, but I do know that I got a ton of compliments on my public speaking skills and the spirit that my talk brought to the meeting. It was a really big testimony boost to me. I know that the Lord helped me a ton in preparing and giving that talk in front of a General Authority of the church. I am grateful. The whole mission tour was awesome. I know that the spirit was there because when the meeting ended I just wanted to tell all the missionaries how much I love them and that God loves them. One of my spiritual gifts is telling people that I love them. Something about compassion. But the rest of the week was super good too! We saw a ton of miracles! We have this investigator named Jackie. Well she has been close to baptism a couple times. This week we were finally able to meet with her again and she set her own date! She is living all of the commandments too! She is getting baptized on the 7th. Also!!!! She invited a friend to one of our lessons last week and he also wants to be baptized! They both came to church yesterday too. It was a huge miracle straight from heaven. We also got to teach James this week. He is a referral from a member. The member actually brought him to church the last 3 weeks we just haven't been able to teach him at all yet. Well we talked to him about the Plan of Salvation and he loved it! He wants and eternal marriage and is getting married soon. He loves the gospel and wants to be baptized! The Lord is seriously pouring out blessings from heaven for us. This last few months of my mission seems to be the time where all the promised blessings of the last 18 months come to pass. I have prayed with all of who I am that we would see miracles. And we are. God truly does and will answer our prayers. This next week is going to be crazy busy! We have 3 exchanges to do and another Zone Conference to go to. It will be exciting and stressful! I love you all so much! And so does Heavenly Father. 

Elder Carruth     

P.S. - funny story I forgot to tell. We had to go to ABQ for MLC with Elder Pearson this week. So we stopped in Las Cruces for some Chick-Fil-A. We were almost done when these 2 high school aged girls pulled up chairs to our table and began asking us questions about the gospel. We had 4 missionaries there. They were not question designed to learn but more designed to prove us wrong. It was fun having 4 missionary minds full of scriptures and quotes to help these 2 girls know how to have a better relationship with Christ and what the Atonement is really about. It was a fun experience because I don't think they got the answers they were expecting. Good times in missionary life

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