Thursday, December 8, 2016

Week 82

Well another week has come to a quick end. Sometimes I feel like I get to email everyday. That is what it feels like out here. We just sit and email all day everyday. But I guess we do some real work too. This week was really good! We had a ton of meeting to go to and tons of stuff to prepare, so we spent a lot of time doing that. But we did see a lot of miracles in the work! So transfer day happened, my new comp is Elder Faris. He is from Idaho. Like all of my comps are it seems like. But he is a really good Elder! Knows what is up and is excited about the work! That day right before transfers I had a really confusing experience. We walked up to this lady in her garage and said "Hey how's it going?" and it response she said "no hablo espanol." I didn't know how to respond or what to say to that. Like you just spoke in Spanish to tell me you can't speak spanish? When we said hi in English? Hmmm.... anyway something really cool happened later that day. We went to see a less active and as soon as we walked in they told Elder Faris that they knew him and his parents. As it turns out, the parents of this less active member are the ones who introduced Elder Faris's parents to each other and introduce his mom to the gospel! Crazy small world! But super cool. We had a baptism this week!!!! Amanda got baptized! She got married too! Our Stake President married them and then right after that she got baptized! I was super touched when she asked me to perform the baptism. It was a special experience for me. The spirit was strong and peaceful. She is amazing and will be an amazing member of the church! The miracles that came this week were in direct answer to our prayers. Elder Faris and I have been really praying that we would find new investigators and that we would be able to keep teaching a lot even though we have baptized a lot recently. Well the Lord answered our prayers. We have 5 lessons set up for this week with just new people that we met last week. It seems like the very little time we have spent knocking doors is being magnified by the Lord. It seems every person we see wants us to come back. Every one we talk to is a miracle from heaven. Not only that, but a member of our ward that brought a friend to church last week brought that same friend this week AND another friend who happens to be a family of 4. We also got a referral from a member in sacrament meeting that we have already made contact with and have an appointment to go teach. The Lord is truly blessing us a ton. We are diligent and faithful in the work. But more importantly we are obedient to the commandments of God. That is when miracles happen. We are so blessed to be here on this mission. This is the best mission in the world with the best missionaries. Especially my zone. I have so many incredible missionaries here and I love them all so much. I love all of you as well!! Keep it up!!

Elder Carruth 

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