Thursday, December 22, 2016

Week 84

Well another week has come and gone! I feel like I have less and less time to email every time I come to the library. Maybe that is because I have more and more emails! That is good I guess. Yay for being loved. So this week had a ton going on. Super busy with meetings and stuff. We had 3 exchanges this week. The all were pretty slow. We got to have Elder Larkin with us for the day on our AP exchange! It was awesome to get to catch up with him and talk about our companionship together. Made me happy. He is a great child of God. We had interviews this week with President Guffey. My whole interview was talking about the zone and the mission and how we can improve and what things we are doing here in El Paso. It was super cool I felt like I was counseling with President about the needs of the mission. Hopefully I didn't say anything dumb... We also had zone conference this week. I know we just had one last week but we had one this week too! A normal one without any general authorities. Elder Faris and I got to train the missionaries. We gave a 15 minute training 4 times, once to each zone. The spirit was super powerful though. It helped us train to the needs of the missionaries and helped us learn from what we were training on as well. It was super cool! So we had a couple lesson with James this week. He is the one who our member brought to church a couple times. I don't remember what I told you all about him. But we taught him twice and he accepted a baptismal date of the 14th!!! Of next month. He is going out of town for the holidays and getting married in the process! That is so exciting! He loves the gospel and it is a miracle for us to get to work with him. We wont see him for the next 2 weeks so pray for him!! We will be!! We had a baptism this week! Carlos got baptized! He is an awesome kid. Super smart and knows the gospel is true! His family is doing well. They are returning to activity. His mom is super sweet and there is a special place in my heart for them. The work is going well! Now we need to find people to teach so it can continue to go well!! Pray for us!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!! Remember the reason for the season! Christ was born so her could fulfill his mission, to die and rise again for us. Because he arose, we will all rise as well. I love you all!!!! has a great video for this time of year. Check it out!!

Elder Carruth 

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