Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Week 98

Well another week has come and gone!! This week was awesome! Every week is awesome! I think I start out all of my emails the same way.... Awesome! We had a baptism this week!!! It was incredible. The spirit was so powerful and peaceful. Alanna was so excited for her baptism. You could truly see the light in her. She has changed so much already. The gospel has worked miracles in her life. Her whole family was there! Like a ton of family. Brothers and Sisters and Neices and Nephews. Packed house. It was amazing. She is amazing. We are working on going to the temple with her this week before conference! The temple closes after conference so we wanna go now. That would be amazing to be able to go to the temple with her for the first time. I am excited!!! We are working hard at finding new investigators! We need people to teach. This last week we taught very few people. We have a couple people who are working on getting baptized which is good. Time will tell. This upcoming weekend is genreal conference! We get to hear from the prophet of God and the Apostles. It is an amazing time to receive answeres to our prayers and feel of God's love. I invite all of you to watch it! 10 AM to Noon and 2 PM to 4PM on Saturday and Sunday. That is New Mexico time.... You can watch it live on lds.org! You will love it!! I love you all!!! 

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