Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Week 7

This week went by faster than ever. I feel like they all are gonna go by super fast and then BOOM I will be going home. The heat has been pretty manageable. At least it is consistent. It is monsoon season so we get thunder and rain almost every night. It is pretty cool and reminds me a little of home. Last Wednesday we met with Kendall and her family and taught them the Plan of Salvation. At the end of the lesson we got Kendall to commit to being baptized on July 18th and her mom was way more interested than we thought! She didn't commit to anything but she seemed like she wanted to know more so hopefully we can get her on date soon too! They are awesome people and Kendall is a great example for her family. We have this awesome potential named Glen. Elder Steffensen knew him before but we couldn't remember where he lived. We were knocking on doors tying to find him when we hear "ELDERS! ELDERS! HOW ARE YOU?!" And it was Glen! He is so cool. We tried to go see him the next day but he was busy. We gave him a pamphlet to read and hopefully we can see him soon this week. I got a haircut and it was awesome to feel the breeze on my head. Unfortunately the sun got to my head too and burned it up bad. Sunscreen is almost as necessary as water here. We have a baptism on the 4th this week! Brent has been keeping the word of wisdom for 2 weeks and he will be baptized! I am so excited for him! And it is my first baptism. I won't be the one in the font with him but it still counts! We are hoping to have 7 baptisms this next transfer! That is so crazy! And an amazing way to start my mission. July is shaping up to be the best month ever. We will almost have a baptism every week! We took a tour of the upstairs and attic of the Stake Center this week. It was pretty fun and I only bled once on my leg. I have pictures though and will send one home this week. We met with Chuck and Christy last week and took a couple members with us. They got along really well and by the end they were sharing tearful testimonies! It was awesome and the spirit was there for sure. Chuck and Christy are ready to be baptized. Just gotta wait on a couple more things.We had Stake Conference this weekend which means we got to see our mission president and his wife!! They are the best people and full of Christlike love. I love seeing them so much. Elder Frost of the 70 came to conference and he spoke about keeping the Sabbath day holy. It was really good and powerful. While at conference I had 2 people come up to me and say "Hey Elder Carruth I was looking for you to say hi to you." TO which I have to awkwardly reply "Thats awesome who are you?" One of them was the daughter to the Williams, the people who dropped me off at the MTC. I think it was their daughter anyway. And the other was the oldest Hanagan daughter who was Visiting teaching companions with my grandma for a long time. It is so cool to see people who are looking for me and I have no clue that they even exist. I truly believe I am in New Mexico for a reason. Last night we bought shakes for the sisters and went and visited them. We have 2 sets of sisters in the district and they are awesome. Sister Stokes heads home next week. She will be missed. She told me that I was her favorite and she is the one who created "Elder Carruth Moments." Anyway thats my whole week! Hope my emails are exciting and not boring people to sleep! hahaha hope everyone has a great week!

Quotes of the Week:

"You don't always have to feel the spirit to know it is there."
"Light is more powerful than darkness."
"Satan will tell you 10 truths if he can tell you 1 lie." 
"It's one thing to know the church is true and another to be true to the church."
"Every time you shed tears, remember, the Savior shed them too."
"Satan can reproduce any feeling except for peace."
"We accomplish the most when we feel the least qualified."
"Event + Response = Outcome"

Spiritual Experience of the Week:

JR and his family have met with us twice before. The first time was not super great and they couldn't understand why they needed to be baptized again. We asked JR to pray and he said next time. Eventually that next time came and we decided to reteach the restoration with the pamphlets and focus on Apostasy and Priesthood. The lesson went so amazing and it just flowed perfectly. The spirit was there and by the end of the lesson they committed to baptism! It was so amazing! JR said the prayer and after he was done he yelled "OH MY GOSH I SAID THE PRAYER!!" He was so excited and I can't wait to meet with them again. 

Pic: Me in the attic of the Stake Center.

Please don't forget to bear your testimonies on Sunday! Its my birthday so you can't say no. I know that when we share testimonies we help life and edify each other as well as help strengthen our own testimonies. You can do it.

Until next Week!!!!

With love,

Elder Carruth 

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