Monday, July 6, 2015

Week 8

Melinda's Note:  I think the rain picture is him bragging that we HAVE NO MOISTURE HERE!

The last week of the transfer is finally over! My companion and I are both staying in Belen. That's not surprising since I am still being trained though. Everyone in the district is staying too which is even better! All except for 1 sister who finishes her mission this week. The sister she is being replaced by is coming straight from the MTC so I won't be the greenest missionary in the district anymore! That is exciting. We got a couple new investigators this week. Glen is a comedic writer and is interested in seeing what the church is all about. We have seen him a couple times now and he is hilarious. Cheryl is a referral and recently had a family tragedy. She had lots of good questions about the Book of Mormon and she really wants us to teach her grandsons about the plan of salvation. They both play baseball so I see some new friends coming my way. We are meeting with them tonight after Pday ends. I got to go on exchanges with the Zone Leaders on Friday. I went to their area and it is a Spanish area so I got to pretend all day long that I know Spanish. We talked to 1 English person the whole day but I really enjoyed being up there with Elder Bracken. He taught me how to look at things a little different and it really helped me. I also almost walked through a black widow web. I have seen a few of those bet there were a lot when I was on exchanges. The 4th of July wasn't super exciting. We went to a BBQ with some members for dinner and then got home before all the explosions began. Fireworks and alcohol don't mix at all. We were supposed to baptize Brent that day but he slipped up so we have to wait. He actually got really offended that we couldn't baptize him and last time we saw him he told us we had eating disorders and that we should go without food for 2 weeks before getting baptized. Justification doesn't work in the gospel though. I hope he will calm down and remember that the Lord is asking him to do stuff not imperfect missionaries. On a lighter note we have a baptism for Thursday that will for sure happen!!!! My first one!!! Christy is getting baptized by one of her good friends and I am so excited to go. Christy and Chuck were the first people I ever taught on my mission. They will make amazing members. Yesterday was my birthday and I am now officially 21. It was a great day and lots of people wished me well. A less active had us over for dinner and made me chicken Alfredo with garlic bread and strawberry cheesecake. She made me my own mini cake and they all sang to me. They are one of my favorite families here they treat the missionaries so well. I am grateful for them. My old Ward Mission Leader had us over for brownies to celebrate as well and that was the last thing we did. It was a great birthday. Pday will be on Tuesdays again starting next week until next transfer where its on Monday. I hope everyone has a great week! Thank you for all the well wishes and support!!!

Quotes of the Week:

Unfortunately I left my old planner at home and so I have no quotes. If I remember next week there will be tons of quotes haha sorry for the disappointment!

Spiritual Experience of the Week: 

While I was on exchanges we met with a man named Manuel. Again I had no clue what was being said because I don't know spanish. The whole time we were there I thought that we needed to give him a blessing. I don't know why but just did. Eventually we stood up and did just that. My companion received the same prompting and we gave him a blessing. I loved how the spirit touched me even though I had no clue what was wrong or that anything was even wrong to begin with. The spirit prompted both of us and I am so thankful it did. The church is true.


Me and a mini strawberry cheesecake. 

Love you all!!!!

Elder Carruth

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