Saturday, May 7, 2016

Week 51

Well... 51 weeks ago I thought my year mark would never come. And now it rests a short week away. Hard to believe. Well transfers have happened! And are you ready to know where I am!?!?!?! I am still here. In Rio Rancho. I did not get transferred which was surprising. My companion did though and now I am with Elder Burton. When I found out that he was going to be me new companion I was pumped. He has been a ZL for 8 transfers. I knew him from earlier in the mission too so we are beyond excited to serve with each other. It will be a fast 6 weeks but a great 6 weeks too. This last week was a little bit slower than the rest of the transfer, but it wasn't short of miracles and greatness! Everyday we live as missionaries is a gift and a miracle and I am beyond grateful for it. ANYWAY! Lets talk about the week. We had a good lesson with M this week. We taught a simple lesson about the restoration. There were lots of distractions which made it hard but it was still good. We should be able to teach her again this week. Hopefully we can get her to progress. We had district meeting this week which was awesome. The spirit was there and full of motivation and revelation. I am excited to continue to stay in this zone. Truly Rio Zion is the place to be in the mission. We found a couple new investigators this week! That was really exciting. We have more people to teach now. One of them was a very cool miracle. We were walking back to our truck after knocking on doors and this guy named R yelled out to us. He told us that he is going to stop drinking today and that we are his sign to do that. He invited us over. He is very firmly Catholic which is awesome. We told him our purpose and he told us that he is going to convert us. So no matter what, at the end of it all, someone will get converted. It was really cool though that Heavenly Father put us in the exact place that we needed to be so we could meet him. God is good. It was crazy for me when I woke up and it was May. Last May is when I left on my mission. It doesn't feel like a year has gone by yet... not fair. I hear that time will just continue to accelerate. Eventually we made it to transfer day which was yesterday. We headed to the mission office and I saw a ton of people I havent seen in forever. That was really awesome. I picked up Elder Burton, dropped off Elder Summers, and headed back home. We were home for 20 minutes before our first lesson together with Jason and Brianna. Jason is wicken and has a lot of sincere questions. It was really good and we are excited to go back. That is pretty much my week all balled up into one email. I hope all of you are doing well! 

With Love,

Elder Carruth 

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