Friday, May 20, 2016

Week 53

Well another week has gone by! At least I think it did. I don't really think I ever left the library. Just one continuous email from last week... I hope all is well for all of you and that life is being nice to you. This week was full of miracles! And a little stress... but we will focus on the miracles because that is what we live for out here. So we have been really trying to start the work in High Range Ward. We took it over a month ago and had nothing and still have nothing really. We spent a few minutes knocking doors out there and while we were there the Hermanas called us with two referrals! It was awesome! And a huge miracle. We will take everything we can get right now to start the work and establish a teaching pool. Last week we were knocking one of the apartment complexes that we have been working on for weeks. We found this lady named Susan. she immediately invited us in and told us about her mom, who is on Hospice and doesn't have much time left. She told us that she was interested in learning about our religion and to compare it to her Methodist faith. It was a really cool miracle and we are excited to help her understand the Plan of Salvation. It will be really good and something that will help motivate Elder Burton and I. Right after we talked to her a man approached us and told us that we were not allowed to be there. That no solicitors could be in the complex. We tried to tell him that we weren't solicitors but he didn't want to listen. This is a funny story. He asked if we wanted to go to the office with him. After immediately agreeing with his invitation, he got really surprised and said, "Wait, do you really want to go?" After saying yes again we walked him to the office, we went in first and found who we were supposed to talk to by ourselves. He didn't seem very comfortable. He never told us his name. And never stood up for himself. The manager lady gave us the number of the owner and told us to call her. We then said we would be back anyway to visit those people who invited us to come back. It was so funny to me to watch how this man handled this situation. He was full of contention, but when we didn't argue back had nothing to say or do. This was a moment that I found out that I have changed a lot out here. I would have handled that situation a lot differently before the mission. I have changed so much it is crazy. Anyway just an interesting realization for me. Friday was my official one year mark! I survived this long it is awesome! And kinda scary to think how fast it has gone. The Hermanas gave me a camel. It goes around the mission to those who hit the hump day. I now get to pass it on to some lucky person. Later that day we knocked on the door of a lady named Pam. She also invited us in to talk and told us that she had been looking for a church. She told us that she totally can see Joseph Smith being a prophet and that she wants to hear our message. She also told us she will get her husband on board too. It was an awesome miracle. We are excited to teach her and her husband as well. She works nights and she told us the only time she could really go to church would be in the morning. Well good thing church starts at 8:30! God knows His children. Perfectly. I had the chance to give a couple blessings this week to sisters. I love those moments. I feel like I can help the Lord more specifically. They were really cool experiences where I was able to receive revelation and hopefully help the sisters to feel the love of their Heavenly Father. Even when the work seems to slow down, the Lord always has His hand in it. The work of the Lord will go forth! The church is true. I testify of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. The comfort that it gives in the crazy world we live in. In it's pages are testimonies of truth and light, all centered on the Savior Jesus Christ. I love you all! Keep up the fight.

Elder Carruth 

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