Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 63

Another week has come and gone in the mission of Elder Carruth. Some good things happened. Some bad things happened. And that pretty much sums it up!! Have a great week! Just kidding. I have like a ton of time so I am going to tell you stuff. Sooooo.... Well the big news is that my companion is getting transferred! That makes me sad. We only had 6 weeks together and I feel like we had more to accomplish. But the Lord knows what He is doing. He is going to Rio Rancho!! My old area!! We literally just traded places it is pretty cool. I am telling him all the people to say hi to. For all of the people who read my emails from Rio Rancho look for Elder Larkin!! He is coming!! We were able to put someone on baptismal date this week. Daniel accepted a date of September 3rd. We are pretty excited! It was a good lesson and he has already read the first book in the Book of Mormon. Pretty cool. Hopefully he continues on the path he is on! It leads to life eternal and happiness! We were able to go on exchanges this week. I stayed in my area to see if I could take it over after 6 weeks. It went pretty well actually and I think I will be able to handle the area. I am slightly stressed but I know that the Lord has a plan for me and for this area. Me and my new companion, Elder Campbell, will do great things and will see success! I know it will be good. We found a new family to teach this week! Their names are Jennifer and Domonic. They have a 2 year old son and one more soon to be here. They were both raised Catholic and have good Christian values. We talked to them about the Book of Mormon and they said they would read it. I don't know how interested they are in converting but I know that the Book of Mormon is true and will lead all people to baptism if we read it with an open heart. They have a great family and one that would be greatly blessed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. So I am going to end on a really cool story to me. So we went and visited this member who works at a couple different hospitals. He started talking about his friend. She is going through a lot and he found out that she started taking the missionary lessons. She lives up in Rio Rancho. Her name is MaryJo. When I heard that I got really excited. She is the first investigator I ever found in Rio Rancho and taught her till she moved out of the ward. She is an amazing mom and has 3 wonderful kids. I think about her often and wonder how she it. It was an amazing miracle to me to hear about her from a member of my ward here. I truly am grateful. The world is so small. I love you all!!! Thank you!!!
Elder Carruth

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