Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Week 61

Soooooooo its has been another week. Crazy to think. I say that every week I feel like. Wanna know why? Cause it is crazy... Like wow.... Anyway this week was good! Slightly slower than last week but still wonderful! Any week as a missionary is wonderful. The gospel is great. God is perfect. The Savior loves us. I could probably just end right there but let me tell you about my week. If you have made it this far into my email I am impressed. Send me a smiley face and I will be double impressed. Wanna see who actually reads these things... Anyway we are still doing awesome. Elder Larkin is like dead set on getting transferred in two weeks. I think he is going too. But the Lord likes to play jokes sometimes so you never know!! We will know sometime I guess. Transfers are on the 26th this month. Tuesday. Which means Monday Pday that week. Not a huge fan. We taught a few people this week but unfortunately none of them are really progressing very well. We are on the hunt for new people that we can teach and testify to. So pray for us. Our companionship is doing really well! We get along really well and work hard together. It has been a lot of fun over the last month. Crazy to think I have been here for a month already. So one thing that did happen this week is we had MLC. All of the leaders in the mission get together and council on what the mission needs. A 7 hour meeting in the end but full of spiritual insight and revelation from President. We then get to train the missionaries in our zone the next day for a couple hours. We had a great meeting with the zone. The spirit was there and was inspiring. Nothing else that was super exciting happened last week but we are still going forward! The work of the Lord never stops!! I love it!!
Elder Carruth

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