Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 62

Ok so first warning this email will be pretty short. So the 69 of you that didn't send me a smiley face from last week wont have much to read this week. Today has been crazy and stressful. We went and hiked the volcano this morning. That is where the pictures come from. This week was pretty good! Every week as a missionary is really good. We got a new investigator! Her name is Rene. She is pretty cool and loves meeting with us. She has never been baptized in any church but is open to the idea of being baptized here. We just need to get her to read and to come to church. We are struggling a little with finding people to progress now. We have a few people to teach but no one that is really moving toward baptism. It is ok though because I know that the Lord is preparing people and that we will be blessed by our diligence. Just gotta keep up the good fight!! That is what we do!! Next week is transfers. Pday is on Monday again next week for some reason. I probably wont get transferred but I won't know till Saturday. These last 5 weeks have gone crazy fast! Time just doesn't want to slow down. Being a missionary is the best thing that could ever happen to anyone. Best decision I have made ever. The Lord is everywhere in this great work. I fear the day I am asked to take off my name tag and return to the society I left behind. Good thing it is a year away!! Love you all!!
Elder Carruth

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